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We help people and organisations who are committed to moving towards an ethic of restoration in Aotearoa. We are weavers, healers, and paradigm shifters, helping Pākehā and other tangata Tiriti to find their own place to stand, be open to other ways of knowing, doing, and being, and come into right relationship with tangata whenua for a flourishing Aotearoa.


Meet the Team

Our expertise spans education, leadership, personal development, coaching, creativity, and trauma-informed practice. We love bringing people into connection with themselves, each other, and the complex dynamic world.

Our Founders

Our Associates

Our Coaches


We offer deep and immersive programmes for leaders. Our flagship programme is the Pākehā Project Leadership Journey, developed and incubated in partnership with Leadership New Zealand, where we work with Pākehā leaders who are looking to put their commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi into practice. We also offer leadership development for tangata Tiriti organisations who are looking to equip their leaders to give authentic effect to Te Tiriti.

We work with organisations to deliver workshops exploring the work of tangata Tiriti in Aotearoa. These are co-designed to address the specific organisational context.

We offer one-on-one coaching for tangata Tiriti leaders who wish to develop their relational leadership, navigate the territory of addressing racism and white supremacy, and work out how to give effect to Te Tiriti from their own cultural perspective.

We offer advice to tangata Tiriti organisations who wish to become more equipped to undertake deep cultural change programmes and to meaningfully and holistically give effect to Te Tiriti. The relational ways we work model and reinforce the research-informed advice we give.

We are always up for conversations about working with others to co-create new things! Please get in touch if you'd like to do something with us. Our desire is to help the broader ecosystem grow!


Sites we love


Othering & Belonging Institute

For the Wild


Tauiwi Tautoko

Kia Māia

Leadership New Zealand

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