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2024 Pākehā Project Leadership Journey Inquiries

The Pākehā Project

Treatyofwaitangi copy_edited.png

Tiriti honoured.

Whenua flourishing.

People thriving.

Power shared.

What is the work that we Pākehā need to do ourselves in the ongoing journey of decolonisation and honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi? And what isn’t our work to do?  

The Pākehā Project has at its core a basic tenet: that the only way we can show up in right relationship with others is by knowing ourselves, at an individual and collective level, in our full and imperfect humanity. This unvarnished understanding of ourselves, as Pākehā and as humans, gives us the ground from which to develop much better relationships with Māori and other tauiwi, ways of engaging with Te Ao Māori respectfully and authentically, and some clarity about working within the complex and entangled systems of which we are a part. The Pākehā Project is committed to revealing and questioning the algorithms of whiteness that discipline our world.

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